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Our 24/7 monitoring system controls and protects health, autonomy and convenience for the elderly and sedentary.
About us
We save the lives of our loved ones.
The PULSSIR project is a young and ambitious company. It consolidates experience and specialists from various fields, such as artificial intelligence, medicine, electronics, and security.

Our goal is to create opportunities for independent convenient, and safe living for elderly and sedentary people.

How it work

Sensors continuously monitor the behaviour and physiological state.
Our AI system analyzes the information. Data is not transferred anywhere, and 100% confidentiality is maintained. In case of danger, our system sends a signal to the dispatcher.
Our dispatchers immediately respond to the danger signal and call emergency services.
But you can also order food or medicine.
Three good reasons to start working with us
All our professionals have more than 10 years of experiences.
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist in one minute 24/7.
Using our system is two to three times less than hiring a caregiver.
Miniature sensors
Our sensors identify falls, dangerous behaviour, physiological parameters, and more. This data is not transmitted and is analyzing locally.
Our advantage is a high accuracy, compactness and autonomy.
AI software
Our AI system constantly monitors the situation and learns.
Only in case of danger, the system informs the dispatcher and relatives.
We care about your 100% confidentiality.
Dispatching services
Our professional dispatchers will immediately react in a critical situation and call you for emergency assistance.
You can always contact us for other important questions, and our specialists will try to help you.
How we help people
We monitor
Falls, medication intake, daily routine, physiological parameters, nature of the movements, the confusion of consciousness, and memory.
24/7 Emergency care
Our dispatcher is ready to assist you any second.
Low cost
The cost of our services is available to most people.
The system
Automatically identification the loss of consciousness, heart attacks and dangerous behaviour.
We guarantee full confidentiality and independence.
Daily assistance
We are ready to help you with advice, order delivery of food or medicine, call a doctor and much more.
Core team
Igor Oleynik
Lead Founder

Sergey Scherbakov
Co-founder, CEO
Our contacts
We will be happy to answer your questions and offer you a personal solution.
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